New York Convention International

Fiji has ratified the 1958 Convention on the Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Arbitration awards in Convention countries may now be directly enforced in Fiji, and vice versa. Introduction 1. On 27 September 2010, Fiji ratified the 1958 Convention on the Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards (New York Convention). The Convention enters into force in… Read more »

Environment Management Non Compliance Inspections

Introduction 1. The Environment Management (Waste Disposal & Recycling) Regulations 2007 (“the Legislation”) require all industrial and commercial facilities to have a waste permit (unless exempted). [See previous legal alert on Munro Leys website] 2. The Department of Environment (“DOE”) is currently conducting a series of site visits to all commercial and industrial facilities in… Read more »

Waste Disposal And Recycling Permits Under The Environment Management Act

Introduction 1. The Department of Environment (“DoE”) has launched the first of a series of campaigns to enforce compliance with the Environment Management Act 2005 (“EMA”) and the Regulations made under it.  If your business has not yet applied for and obtained the necessary permits you are likely to be issued with a default notice and an application… Read more »

Administration of Justice Decree

Introduction 1. Further to our Alert on the Abrogation of the Fiji Constitution and the resulting termination of all judicial appointments, the new Fiji Government has issued a decree relating to the administration of justice. As with our earlier Alert, this one is practically, rather than constitutionally, oriented. We do not comment on the legality… Read more »