Fiji Immigration policy changes – short-term work permits


1. People intending to work in Fiji have previously been able to apply for and obtain a Short Term (Work) Permit (STP) (enabling them to work for up to six months) while in Fiji on a four-month tourist visa.  As of 15 December 2014, the Fiji Immigration Department has advised us that this policy no longer applies.

New policy changes

2. Visitors who intend to work or do volunteer work in Fiji on an STP must now enter Fiji on a 14-day business visa in order to apply for an STP while in Fiji.  Those who enter on a tourist visa and who intend to apply for an STP must leave the country and either apply for an STP outside of Fiji or re-enter Fiji on a business visa.

New visitors for business purposes

3. If you are travelling to Fiji for work purposes and do not yet have an STP or a work permit, you should, on arrival at an international airport or port of entry, request that the Immigration Officer issue you with a 14-day business visa.  You should also check your passport before leaving the Immigration counter to ensure that the endorsement on your passport reflects a business visa and not a tourist visa.  Families who intend to reside in Fiji with a STP applicant may arrive on a four-month tourist visa.


4. Contact Munro Leys personnel Jon Apted (Partner)  to discuss this matter further or for your immigration visa or work permit needs.


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