Monthly Archives: July 2021

Ready, steady – er, no Companies and business name re-registration extended until 31 December 2021

The deadline for digital re-registration for Fiji incorporated companies, foreign companies registered in Fiji and business names has been extended a fourth time. The new deadline is 31 December 2021, an extension of five months from 31 July 2021. This latest extension was perhaps inevitable given the ongoing disruption to workplaces, including the Companies Registry,… Read more »

Jabs, jobs and (maybe) judges

The new vaccination regulations are not straightforward Introduction 1. The Government’s radical new “no jab no job” Regulations may be a short-term fix for employers struggling with vaccine hesitancy in their workforce. But the Regulations may create other legal challenges. 2. Officially, the new rules are the Health and Safety at Work (HSW) (General Workplace… Read more »