Yearly Archives: 2021

Ready, steady – er, no Companies and business name re-registration extended until 31 December 2021

The deadline for digital re-registration for Fiji incorporated companies, foreign companies registered in Fiji and business names has been extended a fourth time. The new deadline is 31 December 2021, an extension of five months from 31 July 2021. This latest extension was perhaps inevitable given the ongoing disruption to workplaces, including the Companies Registry,… Read more »

Jabs, jobs and (maybe) judges

The new vaccination regulations are not straightforward Introduction 1. The Government’s radical new “no jab no job” Regulations may be a short-term fix for employers struggling with vaccine hesitancy in their workforce. But the Regulations may create other legal challenges. 2. Officially, the new rules are the Health and Safety at Work (HSW) (General Workplace… Read more »

Commerce under containment – Part 2

Some changes have been made overnight to the MCTTT Guidelines. Principally they are: (a) the inclusion of “primary produce and municipal markets” and “insurance companies” as essential businesses, (b) some clarity that businesses identified as “essential or supporting industries” do not require the “permit to operate”, and (c) that “approved manufacturing and businesses outside of… Read more »

Commerce under containment

Introduction 1. The Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport (MCTTT) on 19 May 2021 released guidelines on how “essential” businesses and those supporting “essential” businesses can operate within the Government-declared containment areas at this time. These are available at the MCTTT website. 2. The guidelines suggest that Government thinks “containment” will be with us… Read more »


Following a renewed community outbreak of Covid-19 in mid-April 2021 and the restrictions announced by the Ministry of Health on 25 April regarding containment/lockdown zones effective in Suva and surrounding areas, our offices are closed. To the extent possible most staff are working remotely and can be contacted by email or phone. You may reach… Read more »

Our friendly 2021 solvency resolution reminder

Every Fiji-incorporated company must pass an annual solvency resolution (or a different form of resolution if its directors do not consider the company to be solvent on the usual tests) within two months of its financial year-end. Most Fiji-incorporated companies’ financial years coincide with calendar years. That means their solvency resolutions must be passed no… Read more »