Yearly Archives: 2011

Industry Emblem Decree 2011 Alert

Introduction 1. The Government has issued a new Industry Emblem Decree 2011(Decree) to allow manufacturers and growers of Fiji goods to promote those goods under a branded “Fijian made” or “Fijian grown” emblem. Use of the emblem is not compulsory but those who wish to use it must meet certain requirements set by the Decree…. Read more »

Capital Gains Tax Decree 2011

Introduction 1. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) now applies in Fiji. The Capital Gains Tax Decree 2011(Decree) was published on 16 May 2011 and its effect is backdated to 1 May 2011. Those parts of the Land Sales Act taxing profits on land sales have been repealed. 2. The Decree imposes CGT at the rate of 10% on capital gains on… Read more »