Working at Munro Leys

Our skills base is diverse and multinational. Our lawyers have worked in Fiji, other South Pacific countries, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Australasia. This international experience compliments our local expertise.

What we look for
We work in a small, developing country environment and we take the law seriously. Munro Leys lawyers need to have strong understanding of the first principles which underlie the law and legal concepts. Senior lawyers must have the ability to handle a large number of files and frequently to match one’s skills with international law firms much larger in size and speciality.

We are always looking for new lawyers who present new opportunities for Munro Leys.

Support and administration staff members must be strong in their specific fields, and keenly understand the importance of service to internal and external clients of the firm.

We look for:

Interpersonal skills
Sincerity, enthusiasm, confidence, and strong written and oral communications skills.

Demonstrated by:

•    leadership and relevant, legal work experience
•    strong oral and written communication skills
•    experience in working with a variety of people in varying capacities and environments results-focused and client-oriented work experience

Cultural fit
Shared values and the ability to work as part of our team.

Demonstrated by:

•    knowledge and appreciation of our values
•    a strong commitment to client and community interests
•    independence and willingness to stand up for what is right, despite the pressures
•    willingness to work the extra hours and make the extra effort to achieve the best result, not just the predictable one

Commercial focus
Experience; personal maturity and efficiency, ability to work under pressure.

Demonstrated by:

•    client-service oriented work experience
•    knowledge of both specific industries and economic aspects of Fiji , as well as the wider world economy understanding what is important to clients

We are serious about:
•    Integrity and trust – being honest, constructive, fair and ethical
•    Hard work and commitment – delivering excellent client service and exceeding client expectations
•    Building relationships – working with people who share our values
•    Excellence – striving to be the best in everything we do
•    Learning – continually improving our people and our firm
•    Leadership – setting standards in our profession and in our country as professional services providers, employers and corporate citizens

How we measure performance
We have an annual performance appraisal system for both professional staff and support staff. The appraisal system ensures opportunities for communication with partners and management. Each staff member has an agreed personal development plan to help manage their career progression.

Hard work, strong performance and good results are recognised in our performance-based remuneration policy. We also provide in-house training and professional development.

How to apply
Submit a written application with a transcript of your academic achievements and two referees together with a passport size photograph.

Your application should be addressed to the Managing Partner, Nicholas Barnes and can be either emailed to him on or posted to:
GPO Box 149,

General enquiries
If you have any general enquiries about career opportunities, e-mail our Managing Partner:
Nicholas Barnes on

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